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a play in two unspeakable acts



Sexually Supercharged and,
above all, fascinating.”

the weekly News

“Breathtaking Style.”

 Ft Lauderdale Sun sentinel

Nominated for Five South Florida Carbonell Awards including 'Best Regional Play'

Speed and Violet live a violent love in a 1956 Coupe de Ville, parked on his seedy and heavily mortgaged Manhattan parking lot. An ice chest is their kitchen, the back seat their bedroom. When a sexy and spacey drifter named Benny appears with a plan to rob a hotel safe in Queens, Speed ignores Violet’s objections and the robbery puts her in mortal danger as love, greed and the currents of self-hatred work their dark magic.

The Time

The Reagan Years.

The Setting

A parking lot in lower Manhattan.

Production Requirements

Single unit set with car (or portion of car). Multicultural casting encouraged.

The Characters

Violet, 33, a ”retired” waitress

Speed, 39, owner of a parking lot, a ’56 Coupe de Ville & a Smith & Wesson 45

Benny, 27, a drifter from L.A.

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