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#125 May 2016

tHe uGLieSt bRIdE oF tHe mOnTH cLub

a superficial comedy

#130 June 2016

Every month, gazillionaire Wolfram Werner invites a group of jaundiced Manhattanites to select the ugliest bride out of the Sunday New York Times and send her an anonymous trophy in the mail. But this month things are different, as a former winner unexpectedly shows up, followed by her jealous husband. Suddenly faced with one of their victims, the guests furiously backpedal about the purpose of their gathering, while Wolf challenges them to tell the visitors the truth about their little club, offering substantial and very tempting rewards to the person who tells their homely guest the truth.

Who tells and who doesn’t seems to be the game—until the ugliest bride herself gives everyone the biggest surprise of all in this superficial comedy about the deeper things in life.


The Characters

Wolfram Werner 41, a man of good means and intentions; trustfund wealthy.

Veronica Klein 42. Independently wealthy, substantially alone.

Jean-Marie Selby 40, a literary agent. A faded Southern beauty with too much faith in make-up.

Nick Blanchard 36, an acerbic, sensitive insurance executive.

Ted English 38, owner of a chic west-side restaurant. Formal, cerebral. NICK’s lover of ten years.

Gerald Harvey 46, a man of leisure and unsound investments.

Stephen Joseph 26, High strung, passionate cog in City government.

Theresa Joseph 30, a preternaturally serene secretary and Stephen's wife.

The Setting

A  posh Manhattan penthouse apartment with a fabulous view. Really fabulous. Unbelievably so.

The Time

Next spring.

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