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The Comforts of Homley

a monology

The Characters


Miriam Comforts
An extraordinary teenager

Wanda Comforts
Her ordinary mother, owner of a chicken restaurant

Frank Comforts
Her contrite father, a policeman

Ruby Comforts
Her little sister

Clive Willingham
Her English teacher

Her secret admirer


The Setting

Homley, anywhere
The original production was set in a tiny town on the edge of the Everglades in the shadow of Miami. The author will work with productions to customize the script to the region where the play is produced.

“All we need is Comfort, pure and simple.”

The Comforts of Homley is comprised of six monologues successively performed upon a bare stage by a cast of one to six performers. 


Set in the fictional hamlet of Homley, Florida, the monologues unfold an intricate story of cruelty and grace revolving around the fate of Miriam Comfort, an extraordinary teenager living in a very ordinary place. A star pupil in a small school, her disillusioned English teacher half-heartedly sets into motion an accidental tragedy that quickly leads to reappraisals, vengeance and confessions from those who orbit Miriam.

“Funny and Touching…Mixes the down-home folksiness of Our Town with the existential horror of Johnny Got His Gun.”

– Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel

“Original, Brave and Clever…

A play you can’t afford to pass by.”
– XS Magazine

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